Bicultural Community Involvement
I am occasionally involved in bicultural activities:

- Read my magazine features published in Taiwan's (English language)
  magazines - html directory.

- I have also done sound work for 'The Redroom', a monthly bicultural night of poetry,
  prose and song - html mp3 dir.

- I won a major competition, making a documentary for Radio Taiwan International,
  about how a Westerner can view life in Taiwan - pdf copy of event news coverage.

- My voice has also been regularly heard as a narrator on Taiwan Indigenous
  Television - pdf about show, wmv video.

Expatriate Community Involvement
- As a cross between curriculum development, teaching material development and
  expatriate community involvement, I created/founded The Wabi-Sabi Poetry Readings   Project.  Primarily, this is an ESL Resource to GREATLY assist with the teaching
  of Accent Exposure and Accent Training/Reduction - html dir of mp3 and pdf samples.

- At another level of 'expatriate' I produced some soundscapes called 'The Streets
  of Taipei' (external webpages 1 and 2) for the BBC World Service project 'Save
  Our Sounds' - pdf of my project on the BBC World website.