- Citizenship/Civic and Diversity/Inclusion Education
- Community Development/Macro Social Work/Prosocial Behaviour
- Corporate Social Responsibility/Reputation/Consumer Education
- Critical and Public Pedagogy
- Cultural/Social and Linguistic Anthropology/Sociolinguistics
- Democracy, Equality, Social Capital and Concepts of Trust
- Diaspora, Acculturation, Assimilation, Multiculturalism
- Filial Piety and other Human Values
- Human/Cultural Geography
- Intercultural Communication
- International Human Resources (workers rights/human rights)
- International Marketing (incl. product management/localization)
- International Relations/Diplomacy/Mediation
- Media (documentary, multi and new media)
- Media for Social Justice, Social Movements, Information Empowerment
- Moral Theory (Anthropology of, Psychology of, Philosophy of)
- Multinational Retail Growth (cultural adaptation/impact)
- Tourism Industries and Cultural Representation
- International Marketing (incl. product management/localization)
- Corporate Social Responsibility/Reputation/Consumer Education
- Citizenship/Civic and Diversity/Inclusion Education
- Diaspora, Acculturation, Assimilation, Socialization and Multiculturalism

Following are locations where I have worked, either on a full-time or
temporary basis:

- Jeonju (North Jeolla Province), South Korea (6 months)
- Taipei City (Taipei), Taiwan (7 yrs)
- Nanjing (Jiangsu Province), China (1 yr)
- Qingdao (Shandong Province), China (1 yr)
- Jinan (Shandong Province), China (1 yr)
- Shanghai (Shanghai), China (coming soon!)

Temporary (1 month to 7 months):
- Dandong (a 2nd tier city in Liaoning Province), China
  (upon arrival to 'mainland' China, and before Nanjing contract)
- Shenzhen (Guangdong Province), China
  (after Jinan contract)
- Zhuhai (a 2nd tier city in Guangdong Province), China
  (after Shenzhen work)
- Shaoxing (a 2nd tier city in Zhejiang Province), China
  (after Zhuhai work)