Full English Language, Communication
and Process training for -
- Bilingual Customer Service Teams,
- Bilingual Administrative Assistants,
  and associated personnel
Supported by
- Intercultural Communication
- Cross-Cultural Negotiation
- Public/Meeting Speaking
- Recruitment Interviewing
- English Language Test Training

My past experience includes training overseas personnel from the areas of:

- Mass Media,
- Industrial Engineering,
- Foreign Trade,
- Hotel/Hospitality Management,
- International Management, and
- Politics/International Relations.

While living (for 7 years) in Taiwan, I also dabbled in medical/healthcare English training, on a private student basis. All my work history has been officially documented in the form of both recommendations/references as well as work samples. These can all be found below (in pdf format) and elsewhere on this site.

Shandong Management University
Shandong Youth League University

Full-Time Instructor/Lecturer
(2015-2016, 6-8 classes PW)

Language and Intercultural
Training for -

1st and 2nd Year students of
various Business Administration Degree Programmes.


(Autumn 2015,
8 classes PW)

Language and Communication
Training in the context of -

Social Work subjects.
International Relations subjects.
International Business subjects.

Shandong Foreign Trade College
Qingdao College of Hotel Management

Full-Time Trainer/Lecturer
(2014-2015, 10 classes PW)

Training for -

Foreign Trade.
Foreign Trade Cargo.
Foreign Trade Logistics.
Foreign Trade Marketing.
Foreign Tourism.


Part-Time Trainer/Instructor
(Spring 2015, 4 classes PW)

Training for -

Hotel Business Management.
Hospitality (etiquette) Knowledge.
Culinary (food/kitchen) Service.
Western Cuisine Process.

Nanjing Institute of Industrial Technology
New York Institute of Technology

Full-Time Trainer/Lecturer
(2013-2014, 8 classes PW)

Language/Communication, Cultural
& IELTS Training/Lecturing for -

Electronic Engineering.
Electrical Engineering.
Mechanical Engineering.
Software Engineering.

Part-Time Adjunct Professor
(Spring 2014, 1 class PW)

Seasonal Lecturer/
Instructor for -

Media Communication.
Media Interviewee/Interviewing.
Media Research.
Copy/Script Writing.
Audio Production.

Part-time group and private 1-to-1 teaching / training / consulting
for global companies operating in Taipei, Taiwan.