Curriculum Development

I have been responsible for very creative and enjoyable Curriculum Development, including the use of multimedia:

For example, highly recognized work for a 2011 ESL / media studies combination project, where I was contracted to a private girls high school.

The project I organized was a treatment on the theme of the The Four Seasons, combining prose written by the students.

The final result can be found on YouTube at -
A stereo AUDIO ONLY mp3 version can also be downloaded.

  Right Picture:
  Special projects
  work at the
  private girls
  school (2011).
  I am pictured
  on the left.

Teaching Programmes/Plans

I regularly design Teaching Programmes/Plans for classes, courses and for private
(1-to-1) clients:

- BEC Speaking Test Preparation (2015) html page
- Assessment Plan/Feedback for Dubbing Competition (2015) pdf doc
- Syllabus for NYIT-Nanjing Radio-101 Course (2014) pdf doc
- IELTS Speaking Test Preparation (video) (2014) html page
- Intensive Summer-School Speaking/Listening Programme (2013) html page
- Case study from above Summer-School Speaking/Listening Programme (2013) html page
- Survival English Programme (2008-2012) pdf doc
- Training Programme (Sample from 2011) pdf doc
- Consultancy Programme (Sample from 2010) pdf doc
- Tutoring Programme (Sample from 2009) pdf doc

  Right Picture:
  Late November 2006... I had recently
  arrived in Taiwan, after teaching for
  six months in South Korea.

  A picture taken in June 2014, dressed
  in my NYIT-Nanjing Professor's gown,
  is here.


I constantly prepare Handouts, either custom-made - or carefully reformatted from news stories (for news conversation class):

Custom-Made Handouts - html directory of 10 pdf docs
(Note: Custom-Made handouts are usually about English Usage. Most of them, I have prepared myself, or contributed to)

News Conversation Class - html directory of 56 pdf docs
(Covering a variety of subjects, but a special focus on medical issues)

  Right Picture:
  My PhD (medical) students, doing
  residencies in Australia.

  I am very pleased with my three
  year history (mainly from 2008
  to 2010) tutoring/teaching
  nurses completing PhD studies.

  Learning a lot about the medical
  field has brought much pleasure   to my life.
Professional Development

Despite the fact that for six years, Taiwan did not offer any of the 'official' teacher training courses, I had always been involved in Professional Development opportunities.
These range from on-the-job vocational training, to extensive class observation (ie. observing the work of recognized teachers/specialized trainers) and case studies
(html webpage)

Above all else, I have kept up-to-date with many of the changes within the ESL profession, and have also had my articles about teaching published (in magazines and online) -
Lastly, a multitude of standard ESL training materials have been read - html list.

  Right Picture:
  Investigating 'Online'
  and 'Mixed-Mode' language
  learning in Taipei's media